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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​About us

Work Permit Unit​

The Human Resource Development and Training, HRDT Division, (formerly Employment Division) under the aegis of the Ministry of Labour, Human Resource Development and Training has a Work Permit Unit which is responsible for the grant of work permits to non-citizens to enable them to work in Mauritius.

Futhermore the Division is responsible for issuing Recruitment License to Private Recruitment agencies allowing them to recruit citizens of Mauritius for
employment in Mauritius and abroad.

Employment Service​

The Employment Service of the Human Resource Development and Training Division​ operating under the aegis of the Ministry of Labour, Human Resource Development and Training, is governed by the Employment and Training Ordinance 1963 and the Employment and Training Act 1982. It is ISO certified 9001 : 2008 since November 2002 and its services are offered at regional level at the 13 Employment Inf​ormation Centres (EICs) across the island.​

Training Unit​

The Training Unit of the Human Resource Development and Training Division​ provides the following training programmes :

Youth Employment Programme (YEP) : This programme has been developed to facilitate the transition of youth from education to employment and to provide them with the core skills required by different sectors of the economy.

Back to work Programme (BTW):  A programme for women above 35 years old who wish to join/rejoin the labour force, after having left their jobs for one reason or another.

Dual Training Programme (DTP) is a mix of practical on-the-job training and classroom studies. It provides the opportunity for a direct match between demand and supply of companies’ requirements and lessens the consequences of misdirected planning in terms of addressing labour mismatch.

Trainee Engineer Scheme (TES) : The objective of the TES is to enable Graduates in engineering to qualify for registration with the Council of Registered Professional Engineers of Mauritius and to operate as full-fledged engineers.​